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National Milk Bank would love to hear about your breast milk donation experience. If you are interested in sharing your story, please contact the National Milk Bank director for more details.

I had planned to go back to work after 6 weeks, but due to unforeseen circumstances, I could not. I was then left with about 126 oz of breast milk I no longer needed! I couldn't stand the thought of tossing my liquid gold, so I googled Breastmilk donation and found NMB. I feel like I had to jump through a ton of loops and hurdles to become qualified between the blood draw, DNA swabs, notes from Doctors, etc., but that just shows NMB is doing its best to make sure these babies get the finest breast milk available. I am very thankful and grateful that my milk will be used to help precious infants. Thank you NMB.

Jessica Goris

This is my son, Cooper. He will be nine months old tomorrow. His great start to nursing helped my supply be plentiful enough to be able to donate over 600 oz in my first two shipments with another approximately 400 oz. in the third shipment. It's so wonderful to know that other babies are benefiting from the same milk that has helped this big boy grow as strong as he is.

Erin Perkins

I had prayed to be able to nurse my daughter and was so lucky to have extra supply. It has been a blessing to be able to work with National Milk Bank and help the premature babies. I am so grateful for the kindness of the staff to help me through the donation process. It is such a joy to be able to share. Thank you so much, and I hope to be able to donate again in the future.

Elizabeth Baldwin

I'm so happy I was able to donate that much and I sent more coolers. I had no idea I had that much breast milk until I started filling up those coolers. I'm so glad I was able to help. I was very upset because I thought I was going to end up discarding my breast milk because my daughter refused to take a bottle from the beginning. She is one year old now and she is still just breastfed only. I'm so glad I found the National milk bank and I am so glad you have such a great cause. I'm thrilled to see that I was able to participate and help in this cause. Thanks a lot for your words it means a lot to me. My daughter and I are very happy we were able to help. God bless and thanks for everything.

Adriana Navarro

I chose milk donation because I feel so blessed that I am able to breast feed today. My daughter and I struggled through nursing her first two months of life because of lack of knowledge as a first time mom and support from our healthcare professionals. We over came our obstacles together and now have a beautiful breastfeeding relationship. It made me think about moms who might not even have the option of breastfeeding. I am so glad that I found the National Milk Bank and am able to donate, giving moms the opportunity to be able to choose this miracle milk for their babies. You have made the process so easy and I look forward to continuing to donate, thank you!

Alison Hethcoat


I am a first time mom, and was thrilled to be able to pump and store milk for my baby girl...but then it got overwhelming and my freezer was FULL! I did some research and came across the National Milk Bank, and boy am I glad I did! The girls there are amazing, and have ALWAYS been so helpful. They have made this process very easy, and I get such a great feeling every time I come home to see another empty cooler waiting to be filled with the "liquid gold". To be able to help other babies, along with providing nourishment for my little princess is absolutely amazing to me! I am blessed to be able to produce so much excess milk, my husband often calls me a cow (in a good way). Again, I just want to say thank you to the people at National Milk Bank, keep doing what you are doing, you are all amazing!

Anna Knobeloch

I wanted to take a moment to thank you and the National Milk Bank for allowing me to be a part of such an amazing project. My son was jaundice at 5 days old and I began pumping to ensure he was eating enough- not only did his levels remain low enough that other treament was not necessary but my milk supply became more than enough. Back in December 2012 I had to make room in my freezer and I dumped over 400 ounces of milk- I was truly saddened at the thought of all the woman that aren't able to nurse and how many babies could have benefited from the milk - it was then that I looked up how to become a donor. My son Alexi (now 11 months and over 24lbs) and I are truly blessed and wanted to share our blessing with those that need it- thank you for making this a reality. Please send our love to the families that your able to connect with and thank you again for this miraculous opportunity. As I filled the coolers this morning I was filled with a sense of happiness as I knew it would not be wasted- such a difference from December.

Cassandra Leal

I am so excited to become a milk donor. I can not describe the sense of gratification that I feel to be able to donate my extra milk to all these precious little babies that truly need it. I have been so blessed to able to exclusively breast feed my oldest son, who is now 2, for 7 months, and currently breast feeding my new baby boy. I feel because God gave me this wonderful gift that I need to show him my appreciation by contributing to this extraordinary organization.

Cody Hill

I chose milk donation because I was a paranoid first time Mom who though for sure I would need to store mass amounts of milk. I had to ask others for freezer space and decided when my son was 10 months old that I had more than enough to make it to my one year goal. I chose National Milk Bank because of their thorough screening process. It assured me that the milk was going to go to a safe place and be used for the best possible reasons. I had little difficulty with the whole process through the informative emails and videos sent to me. We are so thankful to be healthy enough to help those in need and look forward to donating again if we get the opportunity.

Jennifer Franey

It’s an amazing and empowering experience to provide nutrients for your child and I feel incredibly fortunate that my body is able to supply my daughter with all of the nourishment her growing body needs. While pregnant, I extensively researched breastfeeding and all of its irreplaceable benefits. I knew that I wholeheartedly wanted to breastfeed, but also knew that many complications can surface that may hinder a mother’s ability to exclusively nurse her baby. After giving birth to my daughter and beginning our nursing relationship, it was quickly apparent that I was producing much more milk than my daughter would ever need or want. Knowing the incredible benefits of breast milk, I researched milk banks in hopes that my extra milk could be put to good use. I was impressed with The National Milk Bank’s mission to provide precious human milk to micro-preemies and was in awe of the technology used by their affiliate that would allow my milk to be pasteurized, fortified and distributed to hospitals. I immediately contacted them in hopes of starting the application process. Qualifying to become a donor is a multi-step and thorough process and the level of detail that goes into donor screening should be comforting to any parent of a child using donated human milk. The team at the National Milk Bank works hard to ensure the process is smooth for donors and that only milk of the highest quality is accepted. I am so happy to be part of the National Milk Bank family and am honored to be helping babies across the nation through breast milk donation. I look forward to the day that I can tell my daughter that she shared her nourishment and helped save tiny lives!

Jenna Chew