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National Milk Bank would love to hear about your breast milk donation experience. If you are interested in sharing your story, please contact the National Milk Bank director for more details.

We are so happy we were able to donate!

Charlene Richard & Nathan

It has been a blessing to be able to provide for those in need.

Katherine Martineau & Isla Mae

"I never thought my breast feeding journey would continue as long as it has, but it has turned into such a wonderful experience for me and my son, Baird (now 18 months), that I thought I would allow it to take its natural course for a bit longer. I feel so strongly about the benefits of breast feeding and sharing this with an infant in need is a gift I am honored to provide. I was thrilled to find the National Milk Bank. They have made this process as personal and easy as could be. I believe in their mission and their professionalism has been wonderful. I hope they and all milk banks continue to grow to enable all babies to have this wonderful natural nourishment!"

Marci Girard-Emerson & Baird

My little girl, who will be turning 7 months this week, loved to breastfeed! I had breastfed for 2 months when we realized she had protein issues and acid reflux. We had to switch her over to formula that was easier for her belly to digest. I continued to pump while we were going through the process of switching and weaned myself down. In the process I had compiled a good stash of milk. I knew my baby girl would not be able to use it, and I thought, "there has to be someone who could use this amazing milk!". My husband found this organization online and I contacted you the next day. From that first call to the last email when the transaction was complete, all team members I spoke to were helpful and compassionate! It was such an easy process, from getting interviewed to sending out the package, you made every step easy and "mommy proof". I want to thank you and your team for making this happen and helping such deserving babies. I wish more organizations and people were like this one, who only wants to help those in need. If I ever have any more children I will surely reach out and see if I can help again. Thank you for making the Mommy side so easy!

Mindy Stevens & Emma

This is such a wonderful organization! It feels so wonderful to know that you've made a difference in our most precious and delicate people's lives!! I was so blessed to have been able to donate 2518.09 oz. (nearly 20 gallons) to these babies, and I would love to see pictures of them growing and thriving, and just see the difference from where they started to where they are now! AND I still have a huge freezer stash! Once my own baby is a year old (In a month and a half), I plan on donating it too! I HAD to donate, because I was running out of room to store it all, and couldn't bear the thought of throwing it out! I have to admit, the first time I heard about it, I thought 'NO WAY! GROSS" But then I thought, its no different than donating blood! Anything to help another person! I hope this inspires mommas to PUMP PUMP PUMP!! so they too can donate and help give these babies the best they can have! God bless you all, donors, mommas, and babies! If you have any questions about boosting your own supply, just ask!! I would be happy to share my success! I know that babies are a gift from God, and anything I can do to help these precious gifts, I will. It's an amazing feeling knowing you can bless someone else as a result of your own blessings!

Jennifer Chaffin

Here's a few picture of my beautiful 8 month old that I am still exclusively breast feeding and hope to until shes two years old! I am a young mom and wife (21). My husband works in the coal mine and it gives me the opportunity to be a full time stay at home mom! I'm very blessed in many ways! I had planned to breast feed since the start! I had some trouble at first because my daughter wasn't gaining enough weight and ended up having to supplement for about a week. I worked so hard to breastfeed her and pump as much as possible to make sure I would produce more milk. Eventually I had enough to pump to save and donate! I am so proud of myself for sticking to it and not giving up! I'm so excited to be able to help others! I have recently lost some of my supply and no long pump extra. But when I have future children, I know I will work my hardest to pump extra to donate again! I hope that I am an example to other new moms to not only breastfeed, but to donate as well!

Katie Phillips


When my son was born, I did not have a great nurse or lactation coach while in the hospital; without the knowledge and support, we only breastfed for 5 weeks. When my daughter was born, I had more confidence in myself and I had an absolutely fantastic nurse who I owe a lot of my breastfeeding success to. I returned to work after 10 weeks, pumped at work, and continued to breastfeed as often as I could when with my daughter. I was determined to make it this time! I set a short term goal of 6 months and a long term goal of 1 year; we successfully made it to 14 months! I was ecstatic and very proud of myself. Until this day, she’s not had a single ear infection, stomach bug, doctor’s visit (other than wellness visits), or cold which I contribute 100% to breastfeeding. I was producing so much milk that she had plenty to drink while at daycare, plenty for her to nurse on nights and weekends, and I still made extra to keep as a backup. I ended up with so much milk I began looking into donating it to babies that could use it. I found out the facility I work for uses donor milk (with the parents approval) for the preemie babies that mom’s milk is not in yet and for twins that need a little supplement while mom’s milk really comes in and neither situation wants to use formula. I knew exactly what I wanted to do with my stored milk! This is such an amazing process and I am so delighted to be a part of this amazing project. Thank you thank you thank you!

Sheilah Cornwell

“When Sydney was first born she would not latch on. I was very frustrated and determined to give her breast milk. We quickly discovered that Sydney was tongue tied and I had a lot of milk. After just two days I was already able to pump a couple ounces from each side. Even after fixing the baby's tongue, nursing was just not working for her or for me but I had a ton of milk that I did not want to let go to waste. I decided to pump and give her a bottle. She took the bottle with ease and I got into a routine of pumping. Knowing I was going back to work, I started freezing the excess milk so we could continue giving Sydney breast milk. However, I had so much milk that we never had to dig into our reserves. Soon my freezer was overflowing with milk and I did not know what to do. I started googling how/where I could donate milk. I found the National Milk Bank and decided I had nothing to lose by filling out the profile and seeing if I qualified. I did! After a round of tests (blood, dna) I was approved to donate. The National Milk Bank sent me a cooler and I quickly filled it up. Hardly making a dent in my freezer I asked for a second cooler and did it again.To date I have donated over 500 ounces of breast milk. I plan to breast feed Sydney until she is around a year old and hope to continue to donate as well. I know how lucky I am to have enough milk just to feed my own baby and It makes me feel good that my extra milk goes to helping babies in need.”

Samantha Feldschneider

My daughter is 6 months old and I have been blessed to be able to provide her the milk she needs. I had an overload of frozen milk stored in my freezer and I knew I wouldn't use it up before I needed to and just couldn't throw it away. I am happy to have learned about National Milk Bank and had the opportunity to share my milk to help out preemies around the United States! Thanks National Milk Bank this process has been easy and stress free, thanks for the opportunity!

Maria Griffin

I am a pediatrician who is specialized in Infectious Diseases that affect children. I knew that it would be a high priority for me to breast feed my own children knowing all the benefits of breast milk. My mother set a great example for me by breast feeding my three siblings and me for over a year each. I started pumping in anticipation for going back to work and was producing more milk than my daughter could drink. I decided to keep up one extra pump per day which I continued until she was 8 months old. This allowed me to always have fresh milk for her and have some to freeze. I found out about milk donation through a grand rounds presentation at NYU where I work. I am so thankful that the extra pumping can help other babies too!

Julie Martin & Baby Breyl