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National Milk Bank would love to hear about your breast milk donation experience. If you are interested in sharing your story, please contact the National Milk Bank director for more details.

Spring cleaning of the freezer! It is always an amazing feeling to unclutter any aspect of one's life, house, etc.. It is an even better feeling when I know that Jayden's 'liquid gold' is being put to good use by helping others in need. NMB made the process so easy, and I would recommend them to anyone else who is thinking about donating there extra milk. Thanks Ladies!

Jeana and Jayden Preston

A while back I read an article that listed twenty reasons why you should breastfeed. My favorite reason was because you feel a certain satisfaction watching your baby thrive on your milk alone.I feel really good knowing that my milk will help other mothers feel the same way. Your company's mission is for such a good cause - thank you for letting me be a part of it!


I feel so blessed and lucky that I'm able to make milk donations! It's such a great feeling knowing I'm going to help babies that are in need! Working with the National Milk Bank has been such a great process! They make the registration and the donation process so easy. Every person I have talked to has been very professional and friendly. I'm looking forward to making as many donations as I can!


When I had my son 4 years ago, he was a ravenous little monkey whose appetite ensured my supply was very lucrative for the first 6 months. I was sending milk to friend's freezers to stash it. I wanted to donate but there a very few local options and, as I was working after maternity leave, I didn't have the time and resources to find the National Milk Bank. When my daughter arrived this past January, her appetite wasn't the same as the thirsty beast my son had been so from nearly the beginning I was over producing. There is no way she will be able to use it all before it 'expires', so I have been more than thrilled to be able to donate this time around.


It has been such a honor donating to the National Milk Bank. I never knew donating would be this easy. I have donated 300 ounces so far and plan to donate more soon. It is a great feeling to be able to provide the best nutrition for my baby while also helping babies in need.


I sat in front of this freezer last night and I got really emotional. This freezer contains hours of hard work, sleepless nights, it contains hundreds of ounces of love and hope; hope that I had during a hard time where all I could think of was for my newborn to get healthy so I can take her home. In the meantime, I kept collecting my breast milk; two long months working really hard at it, because... in my heart I knew that at some point Emma will be able to nurse and we will be ok. Unfortunately she couldn’t do it at the hospital due to her medical condition and also because her intake had to be monitored, and when I was finally able to nurse her, I could not because her belly couldn’t keep up; I was then forced to quit when I had so much to give…:( I guess destiny had a different plan for Emma and I and there it went, the dream of breastfeeding my baby and having that extra special bond with her got completely shattered, but only God knows why! So, at that point I thought: “What am I going to do with so much milk and supply?” Let me just tell you that my 58 days at the NICU with Emma completely changed my life and every single one of those babies who were there and their stories touched my heart deeply, so I thought what better way to give back than to donate my breast milk somehow, especially to those babies who are premature and whose mothers can’t provide them with it…So, today, after 2 long months of process, approvals and testing, I was finally able to ship over 700 OUNCES of breast milk (approx. 23,000ml) to all those babies who need my help! And even though the thought of me not being able to feed Emma my breast milk is bittersweet, it does give me a lot of personal satisfaction to know that all my effort was not done in vain and that is actually going to help little angels that need it, more than Emma would at this point. This is my way to give back, make a difference and give thanks to life and to God for everything I have, no matter the obstacles on the way! Thank you National Milk Bank for the opportunity!


I started pumping every morning when my baby was around 2 months old just to relieve myself after Andre started sleeping through the night. After a couple of months, my freezer was full with over 300 oz of breastmilk and I had no idea what to do with all that milk. I started doing the research and fell upon the National Milk Bank. From first contact, everyone was super friendly and the process was very easy! It's such a pleasure knowing that my milk is going to help the nicu and premie babies. They are the tiniest miracles.


My first child was born in 2008 and being a nurse I knew I wanted to breast feed my baby. However, she would not latch and after much fighting and stress I resorted to strictly pumping and giving her a bottle. I had so much extra milk with her that I was able to quit pumping when she was 9 months old and still give her my milk until she was 12-13 months. My son came in 2009 and same story he couldn't get enough by latching so again took to the pump and bottle. With him I was able to stop at 8 months and he had enough milk until 14 months. With our latest child born in June 2013 my milk supply was in abundance right away and the freezer was filling up fast. That is when I started looking for places to donate my milk and I found National Milk Bank!! I have sent 16 coolers and still have supply on hand for a family member to use for her baby and for my baby girl (7 months old)!

Kayla Konechne

I had a really difficult time breastfeeding with my first child. My milk just never really came in, and we ended up supplementing with formula her whole first year. When Landon was born, I was aware of all the things we did at the beginning of Zoe's life that we could have done differently and helped my milk come in better, but then Landon had extremely low blood sugar and was in the nursery on an IV for the first 48 hours of his life so he never even got to nurse! Thankfully, we had an extremely supportive and helpful lactation consultant this time who brought me a pump and helped me get started before I even had a chance to hold my baby. Because of her guidance, my milk came in 100 times better with Landon. By the time he was only a few months old, we filled an entire deep freezer with surplus milk! I was really excited to be able to go through the process with National Milk Bank to allow other babies to have the benefit of human milk, rather than being formula fed. National Milk Bank was so prompt in their response to my inquiry about donating and moved me through the screening process quickly and smoothly.

Shannon King

We are so fortunate to have such a healthy baby. I'm happy to have been able to donate over 750 ounces of milk to help babies in need.

Amanda Johnson