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About Us

Kim, Lacey & Stacy

Hey Mamas! We're Stacy and Kim-- sisters-in-law who created the National Milk Bank!

Having both served on the board of a local crisis pregnancy care clinic for fifteen years, we have always had a passion for supporting mothers and their journey through pregnancy, delivery, and breastfeeding! Stacy has also been a certified childbirth educator for over twenty years. Between the two of us, we have had eight children, so we like to think that we are somewhat knowledgeable in most things pertaining to mommyhood When our own twin nieces were born prematurely in 2001, it allowed us to empathize with mothers whose babies needed to be placed in the NICU. This was our first time encountering a love for such tiny human beings, who absolutely deserve to receive the best care possible. This experience with our nieces further compelled us to find a way to help these special little babies survive and thrive. We felt it was important to promote awareness about milk donation and wanted to help implement a convenient and confidential way for mothers to donate their excess breast milk.

Based out of Southern California and originally known as “Two Maids A Milking” to our local donors, we decided to create the National Milk Bank in the fall of 2005. Our aim is and always has been to provide premature and critically-ill infants with the best possible nutrition for survival and healthy development! In 2008, we were excited to have Lacey come on our board as our donations coordinator. In 2010, Lacey said “I Do” to Stacy’s oldest son, so you can just say we like to keep it all in the family!

Our generous donors among the NMB family have been able to make such an amazing impact in the lives of preemie babies across the U.S.! If you are thinking about becoming a donor, we would love to speak with you! Together we CAN make a difference! As always… every drop counts!